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What are anti wrinkle injections?

Anti Wrinkle Injections, also known as Botox, is a prescription medicine that is injected to relax the muscles, preventing the creation of dynamic lines and wrinkles with age. Over time, as our face ages, the temporary wrinkles that form when we move our facial muscles may become more prominent. This can cause you to look tired, angry or sad even when the underlying muscles are not moving.


Transformative results can be achieved by applying anti-wrinkle injections into specific facial muscles, temporarily inhibiting movement, causing a wrinkle-erasing effect.

Injectable treatments

Anti Wrinkle Injections & Botox

Used to smooth the lines and wrinkles that develop on our faces over time, anti wrinkle injections are the perfect solution to maintaining a youthful look. We can also provide Botox treatments for those with a valid prescription from their GP.

Injectable treatments

Dermal Fillers

Designed to Rejuvinate and restore fullness and volume to your face. Dermal Fillers are a commonly performed treatment to combat fine lines and combat the signs of ageing. Reduce the effects of smile lines, crows feet and other wrinkles with this popular treatment.

Injectable treatments

Lip Enhancements

Gain more volume and plumper lips with professionally administered lip filler treatments. We only use a naturally occuring substance in our fillers called Hyaluronic Acid, to ensure effective and natural looking results.

Injectable treatments

Skin Boosters

Also known as ‘injectable moisturiser’, skin boosters help to boost the hyaluronic acid that we naturally lose over time. Our skin booster treatments provide enhanced hydration and prevent the effects of ageing on your skin.

Why Choose LB Medical for your
Injectable Treatment in Newmarket?

We only use industry leading technology and techniques
for all of our cosmetic treatments in Newmarket

In order to provide you with an unrivalled service and experience, our cosmetic specialists are constantly kept up-to-date with the latest techniques and training. The technology we use in our clinic in Newmarket allows us to provide treatments with the utmost precision and safety. When you book a treatment with LB Medical, you can have confidence that your best interests are our main priority.

Our cosmetic and medical team consists of specialists
in a variety of treatment areas

Every member of our team has a wealth of experience in providing medical and cosmetic treatments. Before any treatment we require a full consultation to help us to provide the right treatment for you and your desired results. Our specialists will help to establish what you need and will always provide an honest professional opinion.

Cosmetic results that you can rely on

We take pride in helping our clients achieve the results that they desire. Feel like the best version of yourself and have peace of mind that your aesthetic goals are in safe hands. Not only do we deliver on our treatments, you can also enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Not sure what treatment you need? Book a consultation with a cosmetic specialist.

For more information about which treatment would be best for you, contact our friendly clinic team in Newmarket to discuss your vision. Our specialist team of cosmetic and dermatology professionals will be able to answer all of your questions and give you the peace of mind before taking part in any treatment.

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