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What are anti wrinkle injections?

Anti Wrinkle Injections, also known as Botox, are a solution that is injected to relax the muscles, preventing the creation of dynamic lines and wrinkles with age. Botox itself is a prescribed version of an anti-wrinkle injectable that we cannot advertise for, however, if you do have a prescription we can administer this for you.

Over time, as our face ages, the temporary wrinkles that form when we move our facial muscles may become more prominent. This can cause you to look tired, angry or sad even when the underlying muscles are not moving.

Transformative results can be achieved by applying anti-wrinkle injections into specific facial muscles, temporarily inhibiting movement, and causing a wrinkle-erasing effect.

Botox Treatment Summary

Procedure time: 30 minutes

Back to work: Immediately

Visible Results: Within 2 weeks

Full recovery: Allow a week in case of bruising

Duration of results: 3-4 Months

Side effects: Bruising, swelling & eyebrow heaviness

Botox Treatment Pricing


1 Area – £190

2 Areas – £220

3 Areas – £250

4 Areas – £280

Full Face – £340

Brow Lift – £250

Lip Flip – £160

Neck Lift – £280


Excessive Sweating – £480

Excessive Teeth Grinding – £250

What should I expect during my Botox treatment?

During the treatment we will ask you to make facial expressions such as frowning and smiling; this allows us to visualise the areas to treat.

Following this, our specialist will clean and mark up the areas to be treated.

Injections are then administered with a very small needle, however, you will be comfortable throughout treatment and can resume your daily activities immediately. 

For more information about your treatment, contact our friendly clinic team in Newmarket.

Botox FAQ’s

As soon as you begin to notice lines and wrinkles forming, they can be treated with Botox.

There is no set age to start having Botox treatment, as each individual patient’s needs are different. Many patients chose to have Botox treatment as a preventative measure. This stops lines and wrinkles becoming deeper and more obvious.

Our practitioners are able to improve existing lines and wrinkles, no matter how long they have been there, and your expectations of treatment will be discussed with you at your initial consultation. If you would like to appear refreshed and rejuvenated, anti wrinkle treatment could be right for you.

The common applications for anti wrinkle injections are:

  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet lines around eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Droopy mouth corners
  • Gummy smile
  • Pebble chin
  • Neck lift
  • Jaw slimming
  • Excessive teeth grinding
  • Excessive sweating
  • Smoking lines around the mouth

Botox injections are very safe when performed by an experienced medical professional. Possible side effects and complications include:

  • Pain, swelling or bruising at the injection site
  • Headache or flu-like symptoms
  • Droopy eyelid or uneven eyebrows
  • Crooked smile
  • Eye dryness or excessive tearing

You will begin to see changes in lines and wrinkles in the first few days following treatment. The full effect of your treatment will be visible after two weeks. We offer all patients a complimentary review appointment, where we can assess the results of your treatment, and adjust if necessary.

Cosmetic Botox treatment lasts on average 3-4 months. Botox wears off gradually, and anywhere from 6 weeks after initial treatment you could see a slow return of muscle movement. This does vary between patients depending on how quickly your body metabolises the toxin.

We recommend treatment every 3-6 months, depending upon the individual. Regular treatments will maintain optimum results.

Treatment is not painful, and the injections are carried out with a very small needle. Treatment is quick and over in a matter of minutes.

Botox treatment is minimally invasive and you can return to your daily activities immediately after treatment. Please plan at least a week ahead of holidays or big events in the event of bruising.

We ask that you do not apply makeup for at least 6 hours following treatment. Avoid alcohol and heavy exercise for 48 hours following your treatment.

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